Cutting-Edge Technology Delivers Better Results

CAD-CAM Technology
At Elevation Dental Lab, we use CAD-CAM (Computer-aided design and Computer-aided manufacturing) technology to mill your beautiful and functional crowns and bridges. More specifically, we use the versatile and world-class Ceramill motion 2 (5x) to mill your crowns. It has the capacity to mill any crown material that you and your dentist prefer such as zirconia and e.max, among others. It can even mill titanium. In addition, extra-oral scanning technology with the 3Shape D1000 helps digitize the work flow for maximum precision.

Cone Beam CT
This 3-D Imaging technology makes dental Implant placement safer and more predictable than ever.

Piezo Surgery
This technology allows surgeons to cut bone using sound waves instead of surgical burs. The result is gentler procedures, less trauma, and reduced risk of injuring nerves, sinus membranes and other vital structures, during bone grafting

SonicWeld Rx.
This technology uses resorbable but firm membranes and screws during bone regenerating procedures. This allows more minimally invasive surgery and improved outcomes (vs using metal mesh and metal screws).